About Australian Lives

Australian Lives tells the life stories of Australians from all walks of life, from any era in our history past or present. We take a historical and biographical approach with the aim of creating, over time, a site rich in content which can be both a valuable historical database and a suitable memorial to the lives of family members and friends. We welcome the life stories of people who have recently passed, and also those who may have passed some time ago.

Everybody’s life story is unique but other people don’t often hear or read these stories if they are outside of their own network or not reported by the media. Australian Lives seeks to create an online space where the life stories of Australians can be stored, collected, curated, honoured and read. The database is searchable by date of birth, death, name , location and keyword, and is publicly accessible. We invite families and friends to post the life stories of their loved ones here, and invite everybody to browse our content and read about the lives of others. Our aim is that over time Australian Lives will grow to become a significant source of Australian biography and a valuable historical resource.

Our expertise is in journalism, writing, editing and publishing and we are also available to assist with longer biographies and memoirs as commissioned.

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